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Top 5 Things You Need to Know

What exactly is the Next Gen NCLEX? Before we get into all the details, let's start by explaining the Top 5 things you need to know about the new exam.

Understanding Cases

The new Next Gen NCLEX question types are case-based, which means you'll answer multiple questions based on a single case presentation.

Watch this video to get the hang of Next Gen NCLEX cases, then we'll move on to some questions!

Cloze Questions

Our first Next Gen addition is the Cloze question type. Watch this 3-minute explanation and then we'll practice a few Cloze questions from My Mastery.

When you're done practicing come back to this page and we'll move on to the next question type!

Matrix/Grid Questions

Another new question type is called Matrix or Grid. Watch the quick overview and then move on to more practice questions!

Just like last time, click the button below to answer a handful of Matrix/Grid questions then come back here to move on to the next question type!

Highlight Questions

Highlight questions are new, too, and they're just what they sound like!

Learn everything you need to know in just 3 minutes by watching the video, then it's time to try some Highlight questions.

Bowtie Questions

Only a couple more things to learn before you're Next Gen ready!

Learn about the Bowtie question type then try 5 questions that are just like the ones you'll see on the real NCLEX.

Extended SATA Questions

One last question type to learn: Extended SATA (Select All That Apply)!

Practice some Extended SATA questions, then come back when you're ready to celebrate your new Next Gen NCLEX knowledge!


You did it! Now that you understand what the Next Gen NCLEX is and have practiced some of the new question types, download My Mastery and practice more of the real thing.

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How many questions are on the new NCLEX?

The new minimum question count on the NCLEX-RN exam is 85. The exam is adaptive, so many test takers will answer more than 85 questions. The maximum number of questions is 150.

When does the Next Gen NCLEX (NGN) start?

The new NCLEX format went into effect April 1, 2023.

Why is the NCLEX changing?

The NCSBN, which administers the NCLEX, updated the exam to better assess clinical judgement. That means more case-based questions that reflect real-world nursing scenarios. Research showed this format provides a more accurate measure of a test taker's ability to practice nursing at an entry level.

Is the Next Gen NCLEX scored differently?

The Next Gen NCLEX (NGN) incorporates partial credit. Instead of your answer being "all correct" or "all incorrect", you may get credit for knowing parts of an answer. This applies to the pre-existing question types in addition to the new question types.

Is the Next Gen NCLEX harder than the old NCLEX?

The Next Gen NCLEX is designed to test your clinical judgement more accurately than the previous version of the exam. You will also receive partial credit for some answers, unlike the old NCLEX format. Whether the exam is harder or easier will depend on the individual, but the Next Gen NCLEX should better reflect your capabilities as a new nurse.

How should I prepare for the Next Gen NCLEX?

The best way to prepare for the Next Gen NCLEX is to answer actual Next Gen NCLEX questions. Install the My Mastery app and practice as many questions as you can. Over 99% of My Mastery users pass the real exam after practicing in the app.