Where are all the CDL Drivers in your state?

They're at home, discouraged from failing their CDL exam.

It doesn't have to be that way!

CDL Mastery is an exam prep mobile app to prepare candidates for the knowledge test & pre-trip inspection. We partner with State DOTs to increase your pass rate.

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Your state’s trucking industry is struggling.

Not only is there a years-long driver shortage, the candidates who do come forward are failing the written exam at an alarming rate. In fact, over 50% of people fail their CDL knowledge test.

Then, when candidates finally pass the written exam after several tries, they are faced with the dreaded pre-trip inspection. Candidates show up overwhelmed & unprepared, giving the pre-trip inspection an even higher failure rate.

This black hole is a dangerous place for CDL candidates and leaves little hope for states to get more truck drivers on the road.

Introducing: CDL Mastery


Using CDL Mastery, the state of Iowa increased pass rates by 25%.


Open this up to your state for less than $20 per CDL candidate.


Available on phone, tablet, computer.

Knowledge Test Prep

More than 600 practice questions – with detailed explanations – will challenge candidates as they prepare for the knowledge test.

Pre-Trip Inspection Videos

Give CDL candidates confidence & knowledge to pass their skills test through our robust, video library featuring step-by-step videos.

Affordable For Your State

Open this up to every person in your state for less than $20 per CDL candidate