Four Tools For Passing FNP Boards

FNP nursing board exams can be tough. Like the GMAT or LSAT or other kinds of professional testing, FNP students do better when they access the best resources for preparing for these kinds of exams. The tests are made to be difficult – because they help to establish that benchmark for a very important profession! Having said that, there are ways to promote success on the exams that have less to do with “raw IQ” or anything like that and more to do with understanding how the test works.

Here's some of what we offer to help our learners to succeed in passing their board exams.


This might sound like a simple thing, and some might not understand how it's relevant to a complicated medical test.

However, mnemonics have been proven to work time and time again as students go to take the boards. Many of our students say this was hands-down the most important part of their prep, and they were able to really expand the volume of retained information they could keep handy when taking the test (or for years afterward!)

Imagine all of the work that goes into memorizing a hard-to-pronounce set of nerves for bones, or other aspects of anatomy. Then think about the diagnostic coding and other types of alphanumeric indicators that nurses need to be proficient in, in the course of their jobs.

Mnemonics are commonly used by the best students to remember much of that content that they will need to recall as they take the boards.


Quizzes are, in some ways, the quintessential approach for acing a test.

This idea gets instilled in students as early as elementary school, but it also applies to complicated professional exams that you take later in life, such as the FNP boards. Our quizzes are formulated to help promote success and mastery of the material with targeted results.


Along with the mnemonics, we also offer glossary resources to make strange medicolegal and foreign-sounding terminology more familiar to the student. This sort of orientation and navigation prepares them to get better marks on the boards, and be able to move on to a lucrative and rewarding career.

Take a look at our money-back guarantee and get some help navigating the world of the FNP boards. You don’t have to go in alone, with no idea of how these tests are set up! Get some help and additional firepower to feel confident and come out with better marks after an FNP test.